LOLYDO™ Instant Print Camera.
LOLYDO™ Instant Print Camera.
LOLYDO™ Instant Print Camera.
LOLYDO™ Instant Print Camera.
LOLYDO™ Instant Print Camera.
LOLYDO™ Instant Print Camera.
LOLYDO™ Instant Print Camera.
LOLYDO™ Instant Print Camera.
LOLYDO™ Instant Print Camera.
LOLYDO™ Instant Print Camera.

LOLYDO™ Instant Print Camera.

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Looking for the perfect birthday present?

This instant print digital camera interested him in the art of photography very early on.

A high-performance, safe and child-friendly accessory

Teach your child to create these most beautiful memories with love and passion. He will be amazed at the creativity offered by this Instant Print Camera ! This children's camera for children over 3 years old is capable of shooting professional quality photos.

The result of relentless research and development, this small, colorful device is equipped with all the digital photo-taking features that meet your child's needs and safety requirements . Robust and waterproof , this toy has passed all quality tests with flying colours. Made from a food safe PVC plastic , it is also environmentally friendly.

Very fun LOLYDO™ Instant Camera

The new generation of children is born and grows up in a universe devoted to new technologies . So much for your child to enjoy without breaking the bank! In this world rich in new technologies, this little digital gem is designed for the greatest pleasure of your little one. Combining elegance and sturdiness, this very innovative camera develops the observation capacity and fine motor skills of the little ones.

Photo printing on thermal paper

As small children are not very patient, they need to admire the result of their selfies right after capture. In order to satisfy all the needs of your little treasure, this digital photo printing device is able to print digital photo snapshots instantly.

This very flexible and fast reproduction technique is now used in private photo printing. As opposed to traditional printing, digital printing on thermal paper quickly processes digital photo data while maintaining unparalleled visual quality. In addition, the printing paper used reacts to temperature change. This eliminates the need to buy expensive ink or photo paper.

A neat design for little fingers!

Capture your child's attention for the art of photography with this Instant Print Camera ! Your little angel will jump with pleasure at the sight of his new gift. He will immediately be seduced by the captivating design of this attractive camera.

Choose the color blue or pink, depending on whether the owner is a girl or a boy! These pastel colored shades are not only decorative, but also healthy and safe for the health of your offspring. Stickers supplied with the product allow you to personalize the case of the device.

A long-lasting rechargeable battery

This beautiful instant print camera for kids is capable of running over 3 hours on battery power. To avoid any accident, take the time to entrust the powering of the device to an adult. It only takes 2 hours to fill the battery and your child can start shooting crazy photos again.

Image storage memory

As your little one is a bit airheaded, his photo prints may quickly get lost in nature. Do not panic ! Expandable internal storage memory up to 32G helps preserve photos for over 10 years. Think no more! To make a success of your surprise and offer your offspring an unforgettable party, quickly order your Instant Print Camera on our online store !


1 User Manual

1 USB power cable

1 x 32G TF Card

1 neck strap

1 thermal paper 6m*3 (print about 200 photos)