ÉVOLUTION™️, The Best 4G Children's Smartwatch
ÉVOLUTION™️, The Best 4G Children's Smartwatch
ÉVOLUTION™️, The Best 4G Children's Smartwatch
ÉVOLUTION™️, The Best 4G Children's Smartwatch
ÉVOLUTION™️, The Best 4G Children's Smartwatch
ÉVOLUTION™️, The Best 4G Children's Smartwatch

ÉVOLUTION™️, The Best 4G Children's Smartwatch

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  • Video calls and Chat Messages
  • SOS and Geolocation functions
  • Pedometer and Alarm Awakening
  • Camera and Interactive Games

EVOLUTION wins the bet for the Best connected watch for your child!


    Designed for ages 4-10, This isn't a toy, it's a smartwatch for your child. First, it displays the time, it is interactive with a full touch screen (the entire surface is touch sensitive) which allows you to choose menus, games and features.

    If the kids love it, it's really a connected watch like the grown-ups. Square like the models of the big fashionable brands, it has not forgotten to come in fluorescent, flashy and so joyful colors that allow children to make it their own and make room for it in their world!


    VISIO calls: Excellent alternative to the telephone for the youngest!

    Equipped with a camera to take photos or videos, you can also make direct video contact with your daughter or son. Unknown numbers are automatically blocked, you can add up to 10 numbers/contacts in the directory.

    Chat Message: Chat with your daughter or son via Message/Voice Chat!

    Your child will therefore be able to chat with his contacts by messages or voice note. Simply and effectively.

    SOS button: Your child will always have an adult in case of emergency!

    When the child uses the SOS function, the smartwatch calls a number that you preset in advance. If this one does not answer, the second takes over and if necessary, a third number can be registered. This reassures the child to know that he can contact Mom, Dad, a Godfather, a Godmother, a grandparent, an uncle or an aunt as soon as needed. Of course, you will remember to sensitize your child by explaining to him that it is to be used only when it is important.

    “School time” function: so as not to distract the whole class!

    A “school time” function makes it possible to drastically limit the use of the watch, in particular ringtones and games. Children need concentration at school and EVOLUTION will be able to be forgotten so as not to disturb the child and especially the whole class. This therefore makes it a tool that the child can keep with him all day and all year round without causing or suffering any nuisance.


    Locate your child at any time!

    The geolocation function allows you to keep a constant eye on the location of the watch and therefore of the child. It uses the GPS network of your telephone provider and makes it possible to establish the location in which your child is

    The GPS mode is activated when the watch is outside buildings and therefore allows much more precise real-time location...

    Environmental monitoring

    * Discreet listening : decide to activate the microphone remotely to listen to ambient noises and conversations around the watch.

    * Shooting : You can also trigger the camera in order to have a view of the surroundings in which the watch is located and therefore your daughter or your son.

    * Trip history: daily, several months.

    * Find the Watch: ring/vibrate the watch when you need to find it in the bedroom or anywhere around the house.

    * Secure area alert : define an area, a secure perimeter. When the child comes out, you always receive an alert on your phone.

    * Remote Shutdown and Restart : Easy to shut down and restart the watch remotely. Thus, you can control the time of use of the watch, preserve the sleep of the child or, in the event of loss or theft, to be able to preserve the precious data.


    I'm learning the time! Yes, this is one of the advantages of a connected watch. Playful in its design and its functionalities, it retains a bit of seriousness from the connected watch of the grown-ups: to read the time and thus learn to find one's bearings in the rhythms and the different times of the day.

    Reward system: Your child will no doubt want to collect the little hearts that you can award them from the application. They attest to a well-behaved child or congratulate them on having done well at school or having helped mom or dad with household chores.

    PEDOMETER function: Help your child stay in shape!

    Here you can check the number of steps, the number of calories burned and the distance traveled.

    A photo camera, to capture the details of precious moments! Your daughter or son will be able to express their contemplative spirit or develop their creativity thanks to a camera that takes 5 mega pixel photos and therefore an HD quality similar to adult cell phones. Family celebrations, birthdays… every day or for special occasions, it is she/he who captures and immortalizes her own memories!

    Water and drop resistant : Because we are aware that children do not always take the greatest care of their belongings, this watch has been designed to withstand many abuses...


    Excellent alternative to the mobile phone , you just need to bring a SIM card with 4G network!

    No need for your child to have a mobile phone for his young age! His connected watch is his technological CAMPAGNON!

    The assurance of having a constant bond with your child he/she is on the way to school, the sports club or at a sleepover with his/her best friends.

    Order the SIM card today. This is a NANO SIM card.

    ⚠️ You can get it from a tobacconist or your standard telephony provider: FREE, SFR, ORANGE.. (network difficulties at times with the operator BOUYGUES)